Valerian Root Powder


Valerian root powder is loved by many cats & sometimes chosen by dogs and horses

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Valerian Root Powder

A good quality valerian root powder, tested & approved by our own cats.

Valerian is well known as a calmer and cats particularly like the root to chew and the powder to roll in (and some enjoy licking or eating the powder too).  This is a much safer way of offering valerian to cats than in the essential oil form.  We also stock the Valerian Root Distilled Aromatic Water which is safe for cats too and can be sprayed in the air to give a reassuring mist for animals in stressful situations.

If your cat isn’t keen on catnip, you may find that he/she likes valerian!

Horses will sometimes select valerian root in powder form and also enjoy the Valerian Root Aromatic Water spray.

Supplied in handy resealable plastic bag.

Always allow your animal to choose or refuse!

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