Self-Selection of Herbs & Oils for Self-Medication by Animals

Always allow an animal the opportunity to choose or refuse!

Animal Self-Healing offers a wide variety of high quality products for animal self-selection – we specialise in selling a very comprehensive range of specifically distilled aromatic waters as well as top quality macerated oils; organic essential oils and a range of dried herbs – all for use in Applied Zoopharmacognosy and other animal self-medication therapies. Please have a virtual wander around our online shop.

We also offer information & contact details of practitioners of animal therapies which facilitate domestic pets & captive animals (horses, dogs, cats, farm & zoo inhabitants) to select secondary metabolites found in plants & herbs, essential oils, macerated oils, aromatic waters, various powders to restore and maintain health.

With a lifelong interest in animals, herbs & herbal medicine and having studied Applied Zoopharmacognosy with the Ingraham Academy, I am often asked to recommend herbs or remedies for particular ‘problems’; however I would much rather people consult a practitioner of applied zoopharmacognosy or animal aromatics in their area who will enable the animal to self-medicate by choosing the appropriate herbs / oils / powders as I know this will give much better results.

I have spent many hours ‘googling’ to try & find applied zoopharmacognosy practitioners in a particular area with very little success, hence the classified listings which bring together aromatherapy / zoopharmacognosy based animal therapies (those advocating self-selection) and other animal healing therapies, such as reiki, bowen etc. Practitioners are responsible for submitting their own details for publication, please make your own checks.

If you are an applied zoopharmacognosy practitioner, or you offer other animal therapy, animal communication or general pet services (eg: dog walking) and would like to be included on this website please go to the practitioner listings to submit a listing.

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Always allow an animal to choose or refuse!