Barley Grass Powder OG


Barley Grass Powder is an extremely beneficial & compact source of minerals, especially important for those animals & humans convalescing from illness & needing an immune system boost. You may find cheaper, but you won’t find better quality!


Organic Barley Grass Powder (Hordeum Vulgare)

For Horses, Dogs, Humans – all animals recovering from illness; immune system boost

Extracted from the young leaves of barley, barley grass powder is a balanced source of nutrients and an excellent source of all amino acids & minerals for humans and animals.

It is often chosen by animals recovering from illness and/or in need of an immune system boost.

It provides instant nutrition to the body – horses generally lick it dry from a scoop (dampen the scoop first to avoid the fine powder being snorted around) while dogs seem to prefer it as a paste in a bowl.

It may also be selected by nervous and highly strung animals possibly due to its magnesium content, which helps to calm the nervous system.

May be added to smoothies for human consumption.

Sadly a photograph can never do justice to the bright fresh green colour of this top quality barley grass powder.  It is possible to buy much cheaper barley grass powder but you will compromise on quality.

Available in resealable polythene bags,  produce of  New Zealand.

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Weight .1 kg

100 g, 5 kg, 100 g jar, 500 g, 1 kg