Neem Leaf Powder (azadirachta indica) OG


Neem tree has been known in India for centuries for its anti-parasitic  & anti-fungal properties

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Organic Neem Leaf Powder (azadirachta indica)

Neem is a well-known natural anti-parasitic and is said to be beneficial to skin. It is available as a powder, herb and as an oil –  organic cold-pressed neem leaf oil.

Neem is an evergreen tree which can reach a height of 15-20 metres, it is native to Iran, Pakistan and the Indian Sub-continent, and it can also be found growing in Malaysia, Australia and West Africa. The compound leaves are alternate and approximately 20-40cm in length. The individual leaflets are 3-8cm in length with a short stem, lanceolate with serrated edges, light green in colour with pale yellow midrib. The 5-petalled flowers are white and fragrant and 8-11mm in diameter, they form drooping panicles of flowers approx. 25-30cm in length.

One of this plant’s chief commercial uses is as a fungicide and it has been in use in India for centuries. Neem has been used to treat scalp conditions by ayurvedic doctors and also used to treat horses and elephants suffering from various skin complaints by Indian veterinarians – the treatment is usually applied as a poultice. The herb is also used as a pesticide.

Can be mixed with Diatomaceous Earth and/or Green Clay as a ‘double-whammy’ external anti-parasitic application.

We find that horses, goats & camelids will often select neem leaf powder in small quantities to help them control internal parasites.

Always allow an animal to choose or refuse!

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