Sandalwood (santalum spicatum) Organic Essential Oil


Often selected for bladder & kidney problems, also for eye infections (dilute in water, see more info below) such as conjunctivitis.

Organic sandalwood essential oil along with frankincense is a comforting oil to offer in end of life situations

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Sandalwood (santalum spicatum) Organic Essential Oil

Sandalwood oil is often selected by animals with kidney & bladder problems usually orally or by inhalation, however some animals choose to have it applied topically (diluted in a gel or vegetable oil) around the kidney or bladder area.

Sandalwood is a useful antibacterial to use around the eye (if selected), however care must be taken not to get sandalwood into the eye itself; dilute sandalwood in filtered water (2 drops to 50 ml), soak cotton wool in the dilution, then apply to the skin around the eye once the moisture has been squeezed out of the cotton wool.

Alongside frankincense, it is a beneficial oil to offer at the end of life for all animals (including humans), helping to ease fears & comfort the body, mind & spirit.

Background: For centuries, sandalwood has reserved a place of dignity and respect in many civilizations and religions of the world, especially in the Hindu Religion, where it is considered holy and indispensable in almost all of the social and religious rituals and ceremonies, from the birth of an individual until their death.  In every step, sandalwood is required. It is offered to the various Hindu gods and goddesses, used in decorating babies on their birthdays, used in marriages to decorate brides and bridegrooms, mixed with flowers and other ceremonial offerings, used to embalm bodies and foreheads which is a common practice among people of many communities in India, and it is also burnt with the pyre when cremating the dead.

Antiseptic: The essential oil of sandalwood is very good as an antiseptic agent. It is safe for both internal and external applications. When ingested, it helps to protect internal wounds and ulcers from infections. Similarly, when applied to the skin, it protects wounds, sores, boils, and pimples from developing infections or from becoming septic.

Anti-inflammatory: Both sandalwood paste and its essential oil are very effective as anti-inflammatory agents. They have a nice cooling effect and provide relief from all types of inflammation in the brain, digestive, nervous, circulatory, and excretory systems that result from infections, fevers, side effects of antibiotics, poisoning, insect bites, or wounds. Sandalwood essential oil is particularly beneficial in cases of nervous and circulatory inflammations.

Allow an animal to choose or refuse!

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