Chamomile, Roman (anthemis nobilis) OG Essential Oil


Roman Chamomile is an oil for individuals exhibiting skin or stomach problems due to stress and for obsessive compulsive behaviours.

NB: Use an aroma stick inhaler to safely offer essential oils to felines, we also stock the gentler option of roman chamomile aromatic water

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Roman (English) Chamomile (anthemis nobilis or chamamaelum nobile) Organic Essential Oil

A soothing relaxing oil with a pronounced effect on the nervous system – achieved, it’s believed, by reducing glutamate activity.

This is the oil frequently chosen by animals with skin or stomach problems related to stress or anxiety.  Roman Chamomile essential oil also has powerful antispasmodic effect on the gut and is very beneficial to stress-related conditions of the GIT.

Roman Chamomile is also beneficial in cases of obsessive-compulsive behaviour – such as a dog which repeatedly licks its foreleg – if the dog is accepting, dab a small amount onto the area and / or offer the oil for inhalation as the dog is about to lick.

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