Mullein (verbascum) Infused / Macerated Oil


Verbascum (mullein) petals infused in almond oil, useful for ear problems (full description below)


Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) Petal Infused Oil

Mullein petals (wild) infused in almond oil, also known as Verbascum Macerated Oil.

Extract from A Modern Herbal

An oil produced by macerating Mullein flowers in olive oil… is used as a local application in country districts in Germany for piles and other mucus membrane inflammation, and also for frost bites and bruises. Mullein oil is recommended for earache and discharge from the ear, and for any eczema of the external ear and its canal. Dr. Fernie (Herbal Simples) states that some of the most brilliant results have been obtained in suppurative inflammation of the inner ear by a single application of Mullein oil, and that in acute or chronic cases, two or three drops of this oil should be made to fall in the ear twice or thrice in the day.

Mullein oil is a valuable destroyer of disease germs.

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