Eucalyptus – Blue Gum (globulus) OG Essential Oil


Eucalyptus globulus  essential oil is the most widely used & known of the many varieties of eucalyptus and like others is a powerful natural insect repellent, good for upper respiratory issues & catarrh and is mentally refreshing and stimulating.

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Blue Gum (eucalyptus globulus) Organic Essential Oil

Eucalyptus globulus, also known as blue gum oil is probably the most widely known & used of the many eucalyptus oils and usually contains less 1.8-cineole than lemon eucalyptus (citriodora).

In addition to anti-bacterial properties (in 1880s, surgeons were already using eucalyptus oil as an antiseptic during operations and toward the end of the century, the oil was used in most hospitals in England to clean urinary catheters)

Like citriodora, can be used with aloe vera to make an insect-repellent gel or in an aromatic water base for spraying, or as an addition to  neem leaf powder, diatomaceous earth and / or green clay for an insect-repellent powder – subject of course to what is chosen by the animal concerned.

Eucalyptus oil exhibits antibacterial activity against cariogenic (tooth decay-causing) and periodontopathic bacteria.

It is also able to address mental exhaustion through creating a cooling and refreshing effect and eucalyptus essential oil is commonly used for stimulating mental activity and increasing blood flow to the brain (has been used in classrooms for this reason).

Always allow an animal to choose or refuse!

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