Vetivert (vetiveria zizanoides) OG Essential Oil


Vetivert / Vetiver has a grounding & nurturing effect and is helpful for animals seeking constant reassurance.  It is a favourite with cats (use an aroma stick inhaler to safely offer essential oils to felines).

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Organic Vetivert (vetiveria zizanoides) Essential Oil

Also known as Vetiver

Vetivert is an excellent oil for grounding, lack of concentration & scattered thoughts.  In Indonesia it’s known as ‘the oil of tranquillity‘ due to its balancing and grounding properties.
It is popular with all animals and especially with cats.  (NB: Use an aroma stick inhaler to safely offer essential oils to felines.)
Vetivert helps to calm excessive sexual excitability and is often selected by rigs and geldings with ‘riggish’ behaviour.  May be useful to offer to all animals after castration.
As well as helping over-enthusiastic behaviour, it can also be useful for underweight animals who seem apologetic about their existence.
Unpredictable behaviour can be helped by vetivert, often in conjunction with nutmeg.

Always allow an animal to choose or refuse!

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