Bay Laurel Leaf (laurus nobilis) Aromatic Water


Bay Leaf is helpful for upper respiratory conditions & sluggish digestion.

Can also be used as a sweet-smelling underarm deodorant spray (for the human animal!)

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Bay Leaf (laurus nobilis) Distilled Aromatic Water

Top quality aromatic water distilled from laurus nobilis leaf.
Bay is a superb remedy for all manner of cold conditions, characterised by lymphatic congestion, catarrh, sluggish digestion and inability to deal with fatty foods. Can also be used as a sweet-smelling underarm deodorant spray (for the human animal!)
The Ancient Greeks dedicated Laurel bay to Apollo. At Delphi, the site of Apollo’s oracle, laurel was one of the visionary herbs burnt by the temple priestess as part of her prophetic ritual. It was also seen as a herb of protection, and it became traditional (and still is to this day) to plant a laurel bay by the front door of the house.
The plant’s botanical name indicates the high esteem in which it was held – ‘laurus’ from the Latin meaning praise, and ‘nobilis’ meaning renowned or famous. It was the classical garland tree and great men were crowned with its leaves and to be awarded a wreath was a sign of academic distinction – hence the terms ‘baccalaureate’ and ‘poet laureate’. Roman soldiers would carry a sprig to denote victory if a battle was won.
In 1629 Parkinson wrote the Paradisus Terrestris in which he said of bay: ‘Bay leaves are necessary for both civil use and for physic, yea, both for the living and to stick and deck forth the bodies of the dead, so that from the cradle to the grave we have use of it’. Bay was one of the 400 simples used by Hippocrates and was very favoured by Culpeper.
It has been used in perfumery and the making of ‘bay rum’, which combines an extract of the leaves blended with cloves, cinnamon and pimento to make up a well-known hair tonic and a refreshing aftershave lotion.
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