Aroma Stick Inhaler (aluminium)


Aroma stick inhaler ideal to safely offer essential oils to felines or for personal use in pocket or handbag


This is a larger, more elegant type of aroma stick inhaler and includes a glass vial into which you can put the essential oil, then insert the wick provided, so the aroma will last longer and need topping up less frequently.  The aluminium is part lined with plastic.

Widely used in Applied Zoopharmacognosy and extremely useful when working with felines – the cat can inhale the essential oil with no prospect of actually coming into contact with the oil itself.

These are also great for personal use to keep your favourite essential oil(s) safely in your pocket or handbag.

Length: 9.5 cm approx

Diameter of aluminum shells: 1.9 cm approx

Volume of glass vial: 6ml approx

Saturation volume of the absorbent wick: about 2ml

Step 1: Put the essential oil or blend into the glass vial

Step 2: Insert the cotton wick into the glass vial to act as a stopper and to diffuse the aroma from the oil(s).

Step 3: Screw the glass vial into gold-coloured middle section and push on the aluminium cap.

To use the aroma inhaler:

Remove the cap to allow the essential oil to diffuse from small holes & offer to animal or inhale for personal use.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Silver