We have just added three new distilled aromatic waters to the online shop; two of them, lavender & yarrow, we’ve had in stock for a while, just hadn’t managed to find the time to upload the information; the third,  linden (lime) blossom has recently arrived from the distillery in France and has been widely chosen by many animals.

The yarrow aromatic water is great for cleaning wounds and in a spray is useful to access areas where it would be difficult to apply yarrow essential oil.

Lavender aromatic water is calming and has anti-parasitic properties; it is often selected for itchy skin conditions such as sweet itch or skin irritation caused by other external parasites.

Linden (or lime) blossom organic distilled floral water also has a soothing effect on skin – especially in cases of eczema and similar skin conditions and is very calming to the emotions.