Kelp Seaweed (ascophylum nodosum) 1kg


Seaweed is highly beneficial to animals due to its wide variety of nutrients

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Seaweed, for horses, all equines, poultry & other animals

Ascophyllum Nodosum

Organic Seaweed is an extremely high quality natural mineral supplement made from freshly harvested Ascophyllum Nodosum grown on the Irish shores of the North Atlantic. It can truly be described as an organic product.

Seaweed contains all the minerals and trace elements an animal requires for a normal healthy life. Being totally natural and of vegetable origin, seaweed is easily digested and can safely be offered to animals of all ages.

Improved Metabolism / Stamina

Feeding seaweed improves the animal’s ability to digest, enabling the animal to make better use of the feed available to it.
Seaweed contains laminaran oligosaccharide which acts as elicitor for B-Glucanace.
B-Glucanace is an important immune stimulator in animals. By enhancing the effectiveness of the immune system, seaweed increases the animal’s ability to cope with stress.
Seaweed contains over 60 Trace Elements  is rich in Amino Acids, Vitamins and growth factors.

*Always allow an animal to choose or refuse*

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