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Marigold (calendula) aromatic water, containing saponins & mucilage, amongst other things, is extremely soothing both internally to the GIT and externally on the skin

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Marigold Petal (calendula officinalis) Distilled Aromatic Water

The English name marigold refers to its old use in church festivals in the Middle Ages, being one of the flowers dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Because marigold flowers open at sunrise and close at sunset, it has always been associated with the sun. It has a strong tradition of treating conditions of the eyes and enhancing magical vision.

Containing saponins & mucilage, amongst other things, marigolds are extremely soothing both internally to the GIT and externally on the skin.

The calendula aromatic water is also a powerful healing agent, with a reputation for increasing speed of regranulation of wounds. The hormonal actions of marigold most probably stem from the sterol fraction.

It is also astringent, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial (active against fungal, amoebic, bacterial and viral infections including ‘flu and herpes viruses), antispasmodic and a lymphatic stimulant.

Marigold’s reputation as a great detoxifying herb is probably due to its action on the liver and lymphatic system. It can be used internally to treat gut dysbiosis and candidiasis.

Nothing surpasses marigold as a healing agent externally. It will reduce bleeding and weeping and its healing and antiseptic action make it ideal for ulcers and sores. It is also indicated for irregular periods, mastitis and breast cysts. It has a reputation for treating lumps and cysts of the female reproductive system.

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