Frankincense (boswellia carterii) W Essential Oil


Frankincense for aggression due to fear, to aid breathing & to support end of life transition.  More below…

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Frankincense or Olibanum (boswellia carterii) Wild-crafted Essential Oil

A very useful oil for fear (especially fear-aggression) and for bronchitic & asthmatic conditions since it is an expectorant and encourages long, slow, deep breaths – which of course are also calming.

Frankincense is often selected by animals who are genuinely frightened (rather than anxious or stressed) and those afraid of loud noises, particularly fireworks.

Very often helpful towards the end of life and can assist an animal to transition from life to death.  This maybe why it’s traditionally used in embalming and funeral rites.

I remember offering frankincense to  a horse at the end of his life about to be euthanased, he was completely calm & accepting – and the vet, who was recently qualified, said how much it helped her too.

Allow an animal to choose or refuse!

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