Davana (artemisia pallens) OG Essential Oil


Organic davana (artemisia pallens) essential oil is very useful for its many properties: it is antiviral, antiseptic, expectorant, insect-repellent, vulnerary (healing)  and a relaxant, vermifuge and hypotensive (reduces blood pressure).

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Davana (artemisia pallens) Organic Essential Oil

This delightful organic essential oil from Davana (Dhavanam), a member of the daisy family (asteraceae) is a very useful oil to have.  Containing davanone, davan ether, davana furan and linalool amongst other naturally-occurring chemicals, it is an effective anti-viral, anti-depressant, expectorant & antiseptic and is reputed to offer protection against tetanus so is good to offer for wounds sustained from dirty or rusty objects.

Like wormwood, it is from the artemisia family & unsurprisingly has mild vermifuge and insect-repellent properties too.

Its relaxant properties help to relax contractions in muscles and blood vessels, and this organic essential oil has a relaxing effect on the brain and the nervous system – fighting anxiety, stress, depression, and anger often leading to a good night’s sleep.

As an expectorant it is good to offer in cases of chronic respiratory problems.

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