Bergamot (citrus bergamia) Cold-pressed OG Essential Oil


Cold-pressed bergamot essential oil is often chosen by animals with tumours or sarcoids.  Also a powerful anti-bacterial, particularly against airborne bacteria and has been successful in kennel cough trials.

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Organic Bergamot (citrus bergamia) Cold-pressed Essential Oil

Sometimes also known as citrus aurantium bergamia – probably due to its likely origins as a hybrid between citrus aurantium and citrus limetta.
A very useful oil, strongly antibacterial, especially against airborne bacteria which may explain why this oil has been very successful in kennel-cough trials – bergamot essential oil is very popular with dogs.  The bergapten content also helps to balance melanin (over or under production) and is sometimes chosen by animals who suffer badly from sunburn to re-balance the system.
Bergamot is also often chosen for its balancing effect by animals suffering from tumours (both benign & malignant) – a tumour being an abnormal growth of tissue.
This oil is favourite too with grey horses, who are prone to melanomas.
When treating horses with sarcoids, bergamot is often selected for inhalation and/or topical application.
NB: For cosmetic & perfumery use, one of the active constituents, bergapten (a photo-reactive furanocoumarin) is removed from bergamot essential oil – however this substance has great therapeutic potential and as long as the oil is used strictly with the animal’s consent then there is no worry about bergapten.

Always allow an animal to choose or refuse!

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