All herbs are top quality whether conventionally grown, wild-harvested or organic & are suitable for Applied Zoopharmacognosy.

In the days when our horses (and other domesticated animals) roamed wild, they were able to freely select a wide range of herbs to maintain health or to self-medicate when ill. In the domestic situation wild herbs are no longer freely available but our animals still retain that instinctive knowledge of what herbs they need to stay healthy so it’s up to us to offer a variety of dried herbs to our horses (& indeed all domesticated animals & pets).

Since horses (indeed all animals – cats, dogs, goats, sheep, alpacas, cattle etc) instinctively know what they need and how much, it’s not a good idea to mix dried herbs with food, but rather to offer the dried herbs separately on an ad lib basis. At Bitless Equestrian Centre they have a designated ‘herb bar’ with up to 20 dried herbs & powders available at any one time for the horses to browse & select what they need. Since they have been doing this they have noticed a massive improvement in their horses’ health & general wellbeing.

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