Linden Blossom (nature identical) Essential Oil


Linden Blossom (nature identical) is sometimes called ‘a hug in a bottle’ and seems to offer reassurance to animals who have suffered emotional or physical abuse.

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Linden Blossom – nature identical, specifically for use in AZ

Linden (or lime) blossom essential oil, sometimes known as a ‘hug in a bottle’, iss often been selected by those that have suffered past abuse (emotional or physical) and / or who find it difficult to trust.  Also selected by animals with fear issues, particularly ones associated with men.

It is the ‘nature identical’ rather than the absolute which is most often selected by animals.

We now have Organic Linden Blossom aromatic water, direct from France which is proving very popular, particularly with horses.  It seems to have a calming effect and is being selected by horses with rain scald & mud fever, by all routes – inhalation, ingestion and topical application to the affected areas.

Always allow an animal to choose or refuse!


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