Comfrey Infused / Macerated Oil


Leaves of symphytum officinalis infused in almond oil, helps minimise bruising (full description below)


Product Description

Comfrey (symphytum officinalis) Infused /Macerated Oil

Comfrey leaves infused in almond oil.  Extremely useful for strains, pulled muscles.  Really helpful to minimise bruising.
Traditionally known as ‘knitbone’ due to its ability to speed the healing of broken bones, torn cartilage & soft tissue damage it  also soothes the stomach as well as the lungs and can be selected for ulcers, irritable coughs & chronic lung conditions.
This oil is selected for internal as well as for external application.
Always allow an animal to choose or refuse!

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Weight .12 kg

100 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre