Thyme (thymus vulgaris) EO, OG


Thymus vulgaris organic essential oil is strongly anti-fungal and highly antiseptic.  Stimulates the thymus gland and thus benefits immunity.

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Thyme (thymus vulgaris) OG essential oil

Thyme (thymol) is strongly anti-fungal, as well as being antiseptic. Warming and astringent, it improves digestion, relaxes spasms, aids breathing and eases coughing.

Thyme stimulates the thymus gland (as you would expect) and the adrenal cortex, which improves immunity and self-identity.

Animals have chosen this for digestive & upper respiratory issues and it is worth noting it’s often useful for humans with colds and flu.

The aromatic water can be used as an antiseptic spray in potentially infectious environments.

Always allow the animal to choose or refuse!

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