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I am a Complementary Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in different healing modalities. My love and compassion for the animal world and nature, as a whole, have drawn me naturally to working increasingly with creatures big and small - as well ever more increasingly with the human animal.
I work with animals from all backgrounds and all places where I am called and needed, not only animals who have had loving homes but also the less fortunate ones who are in rescue centres or animal sanctuaries. My intention is to always be sensitive to the animal’s needs, and to support it in times of health, sickness, trauma or pain by using a combination of natural healing modalities, compassion and love.
I currently volunteer at Battersea Dogs and Cats offering healing and natural remedies to the dogs waiting to be re-homed.
I can offer telephone advice and distant healing for your animal if you do not live in my area.
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Liz Midgley BAHons, Dip Ac TCM CHM, Dip. Equine and Animal Healing, Cert Natural Food Animal Remedies, Yoga and Meditation Teaching Certificate, Certificate in NES BioEnergetiX Wellness System