Dandelion Root Pieces (FairWild)


Dandelion root is often associated with kidney, bladder & urinary issues

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FairWild Dandelion Root (pieces)

The humble dandelion has been used medicinally for many decades and contains a wide range of pharmacologically active compounds.  Although the flowers are freely available in spring & leaves are available most of the year, the root is less obviously available to our animals to forage for themselves.

Dandelion root is often selected by animals with kidney, bladder or urinary problems and is well-known for its diuretic properties (French for dandelion is pis-en-lit). Urinary problems can show up in many ways; maybe uncharacteristic bucking, urinating frequently or drinking more than usual.

Dandelion root has also been selected by horses with mud fever and other unspecified issues; it seems to help the mud fever scabs to fall off.

Always allow your animal to choose or refuse!

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