Comfrey Leaf


Comfrey, commonly known as ‘knitbone’ can also help GIT & respiratory issues


Comfrey (symphytum officinale) Herb

Comfrey has a remarkable ability to heal bone, cartilage and soft connective tissue (hence its common name of knitbone). It can break down red blood cells to help heal bruising.

Also ideal for inflammation of stomach lining as well as respiratory conditions as it has a pulmonary action. May help arthritic & rheumatic conditions.

I have personally seen many horses take comfrey apparently for stomach upsets & breathing problems.  Also a goat who was feeding a kid that broke its leg ate a lot of comfrey while the kid’s leg was healing and once healed she showed no further interest in comfrey.

We also stock comfrey powder & comfrey infused oil which are forms more usually selected by dogs & cats.

Wikipedia: Symphytum Officinale

Always allow an animal to choose or refuse!

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