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Spearmint (mentha viridis) Organic Essential Oil


Organic spearmint essential oil offers a gentler alternative to peppermint, whilst having similar properties it contains much less menthol and often appeals to young animals

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Spearmint (mentha viridis) Organic Essential Oil

Spearmint (mentha viridis or mentha spicata) contains very little menthol compared to Peppermint EO and so offers a gentler alternative, especially appropriate for young animals.

Spearmint, like peppermint, is extremely useful for digestion issues, easing trapped wind and quelling nausea.

It is also frequently selected for respiratory problems (especially allergy-related) and will clear mucous.

Spearmint EO is a useful local anaesthetic and is excellent for dull, persistent pain of any sort; soothing away problems rather than cutting through them.

Allow an animal to choose or refuse!

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