Vitex agnus-castus Berry WH Aromatic Water


Vitex Agnus Castus or Chaste Tree berry has been used to reduce sexual desire (hence ‘chaste’ berry) for centuries

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Vitex agnus-castus aka Chaste Tree Berry WH Distilled Aromatic Water

Top quality distilled aromatic water made from wild-harvested chaste tree berries.
Agnus Castus has been selected by animals with hormone problems and has traditionally been used as a hormonal tonic, believed to have both aphrodisiac and anaphrodisiac (hence common name ‘chaste’) properties.  Vitex was thought to reduce unwanted sexual desire and the berries were chewed by monks to reduce sexual desire. It is native to the Mediterranean area and western Asia.
  • handy 50 ml aluminium spray
  • 100 ml bottle
  • 500 ml bottle
  • 1 litre bottle

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50 ml spray, 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre

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